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Premium Grade Matcha (100 Grams)


This grade is made from the leaves of the second harvest and known as the in-between grade between ceremonial and culinary grade due to its multi-purpose usage for food and drink recipes.


  • 100 grams Premium Grade Matcha
  • Serving spoon included

Premium Grade (100) – This wonderful grade comes from the intricate process of the second harvest being the in-between grade. You can use this grade however you like, it is multipurpose and can be enjoyed for both food and drinks recipe. Premium Grade as the name suggests give you a premium quality of Matcha which you can enjoy with your loved ones.  A smooth matcha grade with no notes of bitterness or harshness. It foams beautifully when whisked, and is the most flavourful tea in our matcha range. Use the premium grade matcha powder with milk, honey, water or as smoothies. It will give you the best taste however you use it because of it’s versatile nature. Premium second harvest tea leaves are picked and carefully crafted into our Teahouse Edition premium Matcha, giving it an exceptionally smooth flavour profile best appreciated when sipping as traditionally prepared tea- just how the Japanese like it. Premium Matcha as the name suggests is premium quality Matcha powder with the power of the Amino Acid L-Theanine. Matcha when compare with coffee or green tea Matcha boosts your energy better and gives you an overall detox along with many more benefits.