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Culinary Grade Matcha (100 Grams)


Love eating over drinking? No problem. This matcha grade is perfect for all the food enthusiasts. Adding it to your sweet and savory food recipes will make your food a healthy, guilt-free treat, with a unique flavor and a dash of vibrant green colour.


  • 100 grams Culinary Grade Matcha
  • Serving spoon included

Culinary Grade (100) – Are you someone who loves eating over drinking ? Then this grade of matcha is perfect for you.  Add it to all your favourite recipes and enjoy the healthier version of your favourite food. Making an appearance in things like desserts, lattes, and health-boosting shots, matcha has taken the world by storm. The sky is the limit when it comes to culinary grade matcha! Vegetal and earthy, with a sweet nutty finish. Our culinary grade matcha is grown in the fresh fields of Shizouka, Japan. The leaves are delicately hand-picked and stone grounded into the clean, pure Matcha Powder which you can enjoy anytime of the day. It has a mild, light, juicy and intense flavour that has luminous green colour having fine fragrance which adds the ultimate shade of green to any recipe you add it in making it look more appetizing. It is the ultimate care taker for your body, from maintaining your health to giving you glowing skin, it has everything covered.