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Ceremonial Grade Matcha (100 Grams)


The purest and finest grade of matcha, made from the top-most tender leaves of the first harvest, ensuring that the powder is packed with maximum nutrients. It is used by the Japanese in tea ceremonies due to its delicate flavor profile.


  • 100 grams Ceremonial Grade Matcha
  • Serving spoon included

Ceremonial Grade (100) – The finest most authentic grade of matcha, derived from the top most high quality leaves of the first harvest, ensuring that the powder is untouched, pure and packed with all the nutrients. It is widely used in Japan for it’s rich flavour profile and health benefits. Ceremonial grade matcha comes on the top in the grades of matcha is more vigorous and has a deeper shade of green as it’s processed from the youngest tea leaves that consists of higher concentration of chlorophyll.  The excellence of Shizuoka, Japan is delicately prepared and packed in our premium quality packs. The best you can find in India. It’s texture being smooth, slightly sweet and mildly grassy gives it a delicate flavour and is the best way to start your day. Drinking matcha every day can result in a noticeable mood boost, optimized all-day energy, and potential benefits like weight loss, heart health, lower blood pressure, metabolism balance and a lot more. Matcha is the best thing you can choose for your body.