Matcha Tea


Preparation Time: 2 minutes
Cooking Time: N/A
Ready Time: 2 minutes
Recommended Matcha Grade: 1) Ceremonial Grade 2) Premium Grade


  • 2 grams of matcha
  • 1 mug of hot water


1. Add 2 grams of matcha powder into a cup.
2. Pour about 50ml of hot water on the matcha powder (the temperature of the
water should be slightly under boiling point-75 to 80°C).
3. Using a bamboo/electric whisk(recommended), whisk the powder and the water
vigorously in a zig-zag motion until slightly frothy and the powder has fully
dissolved. If you do not have a bamboo/electric whisk, you can stir it vigourously
with a spoon.
4. Once this concentrate has been made, add more hot water and give it one final
5. Enjoy your matcha!


  • Incase the matcha powder is lumpy, you can sift the matcha through a sieve at
    the start of the process
  • The quantity of matcha and water can be altered as per your requirment
  • Since this is a different type of tea where the entire powder is consumed, the tea
    powder may settle at the bottom of the cup. Therefore, it is recommended to be
    consumed immediately, or just give it a swirl towards the end to consume the
    entire goodness of matcha.

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